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GYROTONIC® - is a low impact exercise Method created by Julio Horvath. Your body awakens by simple stretching and breathing exercises.By using a progression of 3 dimensional flowing movements, major muscle groups are worked independently in a integrated manner. The gentle stretching, twisting, circular, and bending movements in syncopation with strong awareness of breath, produce increased flexibility of spine and release muscular constriction.

GYROKINESIS® - method works your body without equipment to release tight joints, ligaments and to develop strong abdominal muscles. While seated you develop a continuous series of arching, curling, bending, twisting, and spiraling movements that strengthen the spine and pelvis.

PILATES - conditions your entire body by developing precise movements and controlled breathing into deep"core" muscles.External movements are added that flow into each other to build strength and stamina. Pilates is used to improve the health and well being of clients from recent injured to the super fit. Professional dancers and athletes have used Pilates for decades to maintain strength, flexibility and beautiful sleek bodies.
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