I have been working with Ines for almost six years. She has helped me tremendously  with lower back and neck pain due to herniated disc. Her understanding of one's specific needs, thoughtful commitment to physical health and good spirit have been an inspiration, a motivation and cure. I feel stronger, healthier with much better muscle tone! Pain doesn't interfere anymore with my busy life. When I feel tired and overwhelmed or have a headache, a session with Ines gives me back the energy and motivation I need for the day.. Ines is very professional, efficient and caring trainer.

"I have been training with Ines for five years. She was able to accurately diagnose the source of my chronic pain and muscle fatigue. We began a journey of realignment, working every aspect, from my feet to top of my head! I have learned through Ines that my problems are not part of me and that I have the ability to help my body feel better. Thank you Ines! I truly feel better and more confident!


" I am a 65 year old academic who leads a sedentary life. Even though I enjoy dance and go to the gym, I was appalled by what was happening to my body. I am physically strong but I developed scoliosis in my upper back from bending over paperwork. My pelvic floor was collapsing, I had a pot belly and my posture was rounded. I began work with Ines about six months ago and happy that I am on the road to recovery, my pot belly was flattened, my scoliosis is diminishing, my posture is straighter and Im feeling lighter and more supple. I will continue to work with Ines for years to come. I can't imagine the state of my body at age 80 if I had not met Ines. 


" I am so relieved that there is someone who can diagnose my physical needs! I have had lower back pain, problems with my gate and tightness in my chest and abdomen. Ines asked me to walk across the room and she immediately picked up  some misalignments and breathing patterns that were essential to my cure. I have been working in Ines' studio in Gyrotonic® and Pilates for 3 years. I have  strengthen my core, learned to breath deeply and in isolating muscular deficiencies retrained my physical body in movement. I am never with out the wisdom that Ines has given me and have her positive instruction circulating my thoughts when I need them!

Thank you Ines. Christopher

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